lars b amble

living by the credo of the word progressive, lars b amble weaves organic, journeying, genre bending musical stories around an undulating backbone of what some like to call house and techno. never willing to stay stuck in a formula or subgenre, yet always building cohesive creations and forward momentum, lars has led a life as eclectic as his musical tastes, and it's all still just getting started.

drawing his deepest inspirations from the stand-outs and the left-of-centers - folks like underworld and robag wruhme - lars has spent over a decade working steadily in the nightclub industry in both los angeles and seattle, doing just about everything from managing entire clubs to holding a prestigious weekend afterhours residency at one of the west coast's most legendary clubs for audiophiles: contour.

internationally, lars has shared the stage with numerous established, global talent that run the gamut of everything from minimal to trance. lars is one of few to hold a lifetime residency on the world-renowned broadcast series the dj sessions, and has also been featured as an international up-and-comer on shows such as london's mastermind radio. more recently, lars has been catching the eye of various promoters at sought after spots in ibiza and elsewhere.

having recently relocated to san francisco, lars b amble continues his momentum and progress, working towards touching as many lives
as possible with the living, loving power of music, from within an art-centric city that couldn't be more suited to his perpetually expanding repertoire and creative mind.

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